Thursday, August 28, 2008

Last Summer vs This Summer

Last year we had excessive amount of rain, so my backyard was lush and green with healthy grass. (this is me at 18 pounds and 1 years old)This year, we are having excessive lack of rain and are in a drought, so I have crispy dry grass. (this is me at 22 pounds at 2 years old)You guys can compare both of my pictures, as the same area of the yard is pictured. Please excuse my disgracing waistline. Its amazing how the camera enlarged my mere gain of 4 pounds. My Daddy said that I'm showing my husky Pug bones.

CoCo Puff

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Boring Thursday

Daddy had to go to work today. It was suppose to be his day off, but he is not off and is working. What a rip off for me and Mama.Mama compensated by teaching me tricks and letting me lounge around. I even got rawhide to chew for being so good. I was sooo happy with my chewie that I forgot that Daddy was at work.
Mama also brought me a new toy that Uncle Phil bought me. It is a burger stuffie. I love new toys! Thank you Uncle Phil!!!


CoCo Puff

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Love my KONG!

My Kong is my best buddy...especially when there is a suprise inside! This time, my Mama put Peanut Butter inside and freezed it. It was super yummy and was no challenge for me!
The key was to lick, lick, lick, and lick some more! Here is me licking my chops while working on the KONG!I also have another KONG favorite. It is my Kong can keep me entertained too. Too bad I cannot get any treats out of it. My Mama especially likes that toy because I can't destroy it. If you pups out there do not already have a KONG...go out and get one! They are GREAT!

Have a great weekend!

CoCo Puff

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rub-a-Dub-Dub...CoCo is in the Tub!

For some odd reason, I had to take a shower today! I had just finished hearing Mama tell Daddy that I do not smell bad, so whats the deal? For those new friends of mine who do not already know...I HATE showers!
I had to first endure the rinse:
Then I got shampooed:Mama thought I was so cute, she grabbed the camera...I was not amused!
Another rinse...yuck!
Then I had to stand and let the conditioner stuff soak...yuck again! At the end of the whole ordeal...I left Mama with this to pick up.She said that I am a shedding machine. The best part of my day was that I got to see Susie, my roommate, endure her shower too. Susie HATES showers more than me. Susie will even run and hide when she hears the faucet turn on.
Here I am all squeaky clean. I smiled for the camera!


CoCo Puff

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Its Pay Day!!!

I GOT PAID! I GOT PAID!! I GOT PAID!!! My Mama and Daddy came home from the store and brought me my payment. I got paid in a big lump sum. I had to check it out and make sure that it was an authentic payment.Mama said that I should be more willing to pose for pictures, since she paid me up front.I wonder what the payment plan is like for Overtime. Isn't it time and a half???I then got to try out the goods.It tasted pretty good. Good job Mama and Daddy in the payment. We will have to work on my Overtime payment next!


CoCo Puff

Monday, August 4, 2008

My Bed Matches Me

My bed was one of my first Christmas presents 2 years ago. I do not use it much, so it is decoration in my Daddy's bedroom. It matches me very well, and when I'm in almost cannot see me!My bed is not my usual place of lounging. You can find me in it every once in a while, but not very often.I will go to my bed when told, but often there has to be an incentive involved. My bed is also a place I will head to when Daddy says its "bed time," but I will quickly move into bed with Daddy when the lights go off.

Daddy's bed is so much more comfortable than mine!


CoCo Puff