Sunday, September 18, 2011

Snacks and Football!

Hello! CoCo Puff here! Football season has started!!!! I'm smiling for the camera!As Daddy watches football, I practice my tricks with my Mama! My training treat of choice are the Evo Salmon Snacks....given to me by my Puggle Pal Preston!
After I was finish with my snacks....I went to ask Daddy for his snack! He was eating this huge White Flesh Peach....YUM!Daddy always shares his peach with me! I always know I'd get at least a full slice!
It was so sweet and juicy! YUM YUM!
Can I have some more of that stuff?
Please!!!! I'm staring at a treat!
After a good snack...its time for a nap!
Happy Sundays!

CoCo Puff!