Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bull Creek Dog Park

The weather has finally gotten cooler, enough for me to go to the Dog Park. Daddy insisted on taking me out because he felt sorry that I've been cooped up all Summer due to the heat. So my surprise, I was taken to a famous dog park here in Austin....Bull Creek!

I was HORRIFIED! It is a dog park with lots of water. For those of you who knows me...I hate the water!
Needless to say, Mama and Daddy both got in the creek and left me on the bank of the creek to fend for myself. Being that I'm a Mama's girl, I had to follow her where ever she in the water I went....eeeekkkk!
There were a lot of other puppies having a GREAT, not so much. At one point, I found refuge on a rock sitting higher above the water and refused to get off. Mama finally came and got me and made me tread water.Daddy was great at encouraging me along.

Then I finally SWAM when I got to the deep end. Too bad Daddy forgot to charge to battery for the camera because Mama was not able to capture me in swimming action.

Both Mama and Daddy were super proud of me because I ended up having a GREAT time at Bull Creek. I finally conquered my fear and can officially now say that I can SWIM! I was so extremely tired afterwards when we got home, but Mama still insited on giving a shower. Overall, I had a GREAT time!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

"CoCo Speaking!"

My Mama always makes sure that I keep her entertained. My newest accomplishment is speaking to her! Remarkably, it only took two days to learn to "speak." Of course Mama does her best in making sure I stay on my toes. Tell me what you think?


CoCo Puff