Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Bed & New Food!!!

The weather has not let up. It has been sleeting for two days and raining for one week straight. I'm tired of all this soggy mess, so I have been relaxing in my kennel. Mama and Daddy helped make my kennel super cozy.
I have a soft blanket, my cozy round bed on a memory foam mattress. It is even covered up so its nice and dim.
Today, Mama and Daddy came home with some new food for me. It is EVO by Innova.

And look it is the "Red Meat" is suppose to be the closest thing to raw feeding. I had to sniff it out and check it out for myself. It sniffs out yummy to me!
It is grain free with the lowest carbohydrate count with real beef. It also has the highest percentage of protein that we've ever 44.7%. The drawback is that I won't get as many kibbles to get the same amount of nutrients the quality beat out the quantity. Mama said that I only deserve the best!

I will have to test it out and let you all know what I think...but so far I think anything will beat my diet kibbles...thank goodness.