Sunday, April 11, 2010

RAW Diet!!! YUM!

The itching has not stopped. We have tried everything! Cold showers with oatmeal, tea tree, aloe, and other stuff. We have even done hydocortisone for dogs, benadryl, hot spot sprays and a lot of other topical ointments. I'm still scratching. I don't have a rash or redness in my skin, so even if I was taken to the Vet...they won't be able to see anything to diagnose the problem.

Now, my Mama and Daddy have read that a Raw Diet may help. So here it is...tonight for dinner, I get Nature's Variety Frozen Raw Diet Food.
Flavor of the night: Chicken!

They come in individual medallions. For my weight and size, I am to receive 4-8 medallions a day. So, 4 raw medallions coming up!"Medallion" is my new favorite word. Hopefully this will help with all the skin irritations and itchiness.


Here is the video of me devouring my dinner. It was delish!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring is here and I'm itchy and scratchy!

The Spring season is here and I'm living in the Allergy Capital of the World! That means itchy and scratchy skin for me! I've never experienced this misery before, but with excessive rain this past winter, all our trees and flowers are in full bloom and the pollen are at its peak.

I've been scratching and scratching and scratching all week. Mama, Daddy and Uncle Gary finally noticed that I was not my normal happy self, so Mama came home with all this stuff the other day.
In turn, that would only mean one thing....a BATH....what a nightmare. I HATE baths! I was given an Oatmeal and Aloe bath soak...YUCK!

First it was the rinse:

Then it was the soak:

Are we done yet?After all that mess, I was still itching, so today my Mama had resorted to this....Children's Benadryl. It taste like cherry syrup, so I cannot complain. It has helped minimize my itching a little, but I'm still itchy and scratchy. My Daddy said that if I don't improve within the next 36 hours, he is going to take me to the vet....eeek!

Hopefully this beautiful Spring season will not be full of allergies for me. It is no fun! I hope every pup and human are having a better Spring season than I am. Does anyone else suffer bad skin allergies from tree and grass pollen? If so, does anyone have any good suggestions for a cure or relief? Please help me out if you have experienced the same thing.

Itchy CoCo Puff