Wednesday, February 16, 2011

After Dinner Stare!

My Daddy likes to indulge in front of me! After dinner, he likes to eat his Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Almond Crunch Bar. Whenever he does that, I get into position and do my stare.
Hey wait...don't finish the whole thing!!!! Save some for me!!!!!
After the entire stare session, all I get is the stick! Pooey!!!! Something along the line of me not being able to eat chocolate!
I hope I have better luck next time!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Its Barking Cold here in Texas!!!!

I woke up this morning and I could smell it in the air that something was not quite like my usual morning. As usual, the first thing I do when I get up is to go outside to do my business! Damp, white and freezing is what I felt under my paws!
I cannot seem to find my usual spot to go....where did the smell go? What is all this white stuff?
Daddy decided to take me out front...and oh my, there was more of that freezing fluffy stuff!
After sniffing it out....I was told it was something called "snow!" We actually received enough for it to be measurable. I think it was almost an inch worth! This is my first experience with the fluffy stuff. I don't think I'm up for this!
Its too cold for my comfort! I think I'm going to go get my sweater! For those of you who know me...I'm not much for clothes. You know its cold when I'm willing to opt for it. I think it was something like 18 degrees F this morning!
Okay, I'm not that much of a fashionista.....will someone remove my hood?
Hey, this paw print thingy is pretty cool!
Look at all my paw prints....I think I did pretty good at leaving my mark in playing in the snow!
Okay, I think I've had enough experiencing of this "snow" business....can we go inside now?
Back inside where its nice and toasty! I'll be inside doing this all day as long as there is that fluffy stuff outside!
Look!!!! It was so barking cold that my Mama was able to build a mini snowman at her house! She was so excited, this was her first snowman here in her hometown of Austin, Texas!
We have to bow our snouts down to all those pups and humans that endure this weather and temperature every winter! There is no way us Texans can survive this mess! BBbbrrrrrrrr!

Stay Warm!
CoCo Puff