Friday, December 16, 2011

Dear Santa Paws!

Dear Santa Paws!!!

Its CoCo Puff here! I'm providing my annual letter to you in hopes that it will get to the North Pole before X-Mas. This year my wish is simple....GOOD HEALTH to ALL, is all I want...pups & people!

In getting into the SPIRIT of Christmas....I got dressed for the occasion!
I've been a good pup all year....up until last week when I decided to leave my house to walk myself, since its been too cold for Daddy to walk me. Let me just say, Daddy made sure that I wouldn't ever do that again. I had ventured out to the front of the house, through the cracked garage door and roamed the neighborhood for 10 minutes...all by myself while Daddy was in the shower. I even rolled all over something dead to mask the scent! Daddy was not happy when he realized this! I think I might have lost some points to the naughty list during this incident! I'm so sorry!
But if you can look beyond this incident, here is the rest of my wish-list:
  • Chicken Jerky
  • Dingo Chicken Wrapped Bones
  • Squeaky Football Toy
  • Cozy Plush Bed
  • Lots of YUMMY Food to Eat
  • ----MOST IMPORTANTLY----Joy to ALL and Good Health to EVERYONE!!!
Thank you for reading my Pawliday Letter!

Coco Puff