Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This is Jack...he is a "Grandpa Dog" aka, Miniature Schnauzer. He is KD Lang's brother....We are dog sitting again!
Here is KD Lang...the Cavalier King Charles we dog sit every once in a while We are Dog Sitting! ...she is the super neurotic dog that steals food if we leave it out. She's stole my Xmas present one year Great Gifts...then I was ROBBED!They are pretty cute when they want to be! They just haven't caught on to our routine yet....although they caught on really quickly that I was the PACK LEADER!!!!Forced photo with Jack! Mom said she needed new material for my blog.....yuck!

Forced photo with KD Lang....YUCK again!Feeding time....can you believe ALL five of us eat at the same time! I don't get to eat first...Daddy served the guest pups first!
The best part about KD and Jack visiting is that they come baring Chicken Jerky Treats enough for all of us. That is the dog sitting fee we charge!

Check out how crazy Jack is....he attacks the vacuum! Laugh out loud if you want!

Happy Spring!

CoCo Puff