Sunday, May 31, 2009

Peanut Butter Face

Mama figured that I needed something to blog about...being that we have been doing a bad job in keeping my blog updated, so today, she helped me capture my "Peanut Butter Face." The first order of business is to get my bone all buttered up....Then I had to wait very patiently for the "okay" command so I could get all gooeyed up. Once the licking got started, it was yummy yummy for my tummy! Mama especially loved it seeing my tongue go all over the place....The whole ordeal was captured all on video...enjoy!

What do you mean its all gone? More Peanut Butter please!!!
CoCo Puff

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yucky Spring!

I have not been up to much lately. It has been a really boring and muggy Spring. The weather has been super yucky this season. We have had: rain, heavy humidity, cloudy skies, and hail. Mama HATES hail...Daddy does too. They said something along the lines of denting their new cars....I wouldn't know what that means!
So all I've done this Spring is play with my favorite ball and chew on my chewies....And Bully Sticks are my favorite!!!

Happy Spring!
CoCo Puff