Saturday, January 31, 2009

Long Lost Twin!

Last Sunday morning, as I was minding my own business, I suddenly heard a hysterical laugh come out of Uncle Gary. He quickly asked my Daddy to come over to take a look at something. Then Daddy started laughing hysterically as well. Together, they were looking at this ad in the Sunday paper:Then I heard,"Oh my God...that is CoCo!" I don't think that looks like me!!! My teeth are not that bad, and I do not have a rough coat! I do have a severe under-bite, and my snaggle do show up in pictures sometimes. Here is a side-by-side comparison: If I would have known that they were looking for a cute dog with the perfect smile, I would have submitted a few pics to have kibbles for life!You cannot say that I wouldn't give this pup a good run for his money!
What do you all think? Do we look alike?

I was also tagged by Bruschi the Puggle to play a game. "You pick one, just ONE, buddy from your list and you give them a letter. They must then list and describe 5 things beginning with that letter." Bruschi choose the letter "C" for me!

1. Carat, Cut, Color, and Clarity (Mama said that every girl should know the importance of these four C's). Diamonds are a Girl's best friend!

2. Chicken- full of flavor, nutrients and I LOVE Chicken!

3. Carrots- a healthy snack that is tasty and full of texture!

4. Cookies- doggy cookies, human cookies, just plain cookies...I like cookies!

5. Coffee- my Daddy and Mama both drink a lot of it. Uncle Gary roast the beans fresh in our kitchen so I get to smell it every day. I know that I'm not suppose to have any coffee because of some rubbish that said it is bad for dogs, but I've stolen sips of Daddy's coffee on many different mornings. I like my coffee with cream and sugar!

Now I have to pick a friend to play this game with me! Okay, I think I am going to tag Peanut the Puggle with the letter "P." Have fun!


Monday, January 26, 2009



That is Happy New Year in Chinese. To celebrate this day, Mama put Red Bows on me. Red is a festive and significant color to the Chinese culture! This year is the year of the OX, which is also my Daddy's sign. People who are born under the sign of the Ox are: dependable, calm, modest and stable. According to Chinese astrology, the Ox is the best friend you could choose. I agree to that one since Daddy and Uncle Phillip both have the sign of the Ox and are truly my best friends. On Chinese New Year, elders give young ones Red Envelopes filled with money. Mama gave me a Red Envelope too! I cannot do anything with money, so Mama, will you please help me open this and trade it in for bones or treats?
Happy Chinese New Year!
CoCo Puff

Thursday, January 22, 2009

S-H-E-D Less...

Part of my New Year's Resolution was to shed less of my hair all over the house. Mama bought me this vitamin that taste like liver treats to help me accomplish the task. I have been taking it since the beginning of the year, and it has helped...a little. The bottle said that I would have to try a whole bottle before seeing results....I will keep you all posted!


CoCo Puff

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Treat Preference!

I just wanted to tell Preston "Thank You" again for introducing me to the fabulous Pet Greens Treats. They are soooo yummy! I prefer them over my other treats. My Mama had me do a demonstration in a video. The treats shown in the video, from left to right are: Cranberry Puff, Dried Chicken Jerkey, Teddy Bear Cookie, Pet Greens and a Planter's lightly salted peanut. All of which are my favorite!

(we apologize for the quality of the video...the lighting wasn't great, Mama took it on her digital camera, and since I am a black pup...its hard to see me!)

As you can see in the video, I choose the Pet Greens first, then the salty peanut. I'm sure all of you who have tried the Pet Greens can understand why I choose the Pet Greens first!


CoCo Puff

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Great Gifts...then I was ROBBED!

Thank you Bruschi the Puggle and Preston the Puggle for my fabulous Christmas cards and Presents. It was very thoughtful of you guys for thinking of me!
I first received a package from Bruschi, and when I opened it, there was a pawsome Holiday letter with a Christmas Rawhide treat.Mama broke off a piece for me to try, and of course I had to work for it.It was delicious...Thank you Bruschi and Bruschi's Mom!

A couple of days later, another package came for me! It was from Preston! With the help from Mama, my package was opened, and in it I found a big bag of Pet Greens Organic Treats and a pawsome Holiday Picture Card from Preston.I was soooo excited about the new treats because I had never had it before...Mama opened the treats and gave me ONLY 1 piece to sample. I had to work hard for the one piece I got.She then also gave Susie, Duke and KD Lang (We are Dog Sitting!) a piece to try....we all loved it! Thank you Preston and Preston's Mommy!

And then....I WAS ROBBED!!!! The story goes...after the mail was opened and we all sampled the Pet Greens, Mama resealed the package and left it on our coffee table and then everybody left the house to go eat dinner. Susie, Duke and I are very well behaved pups when left alone. We have NEVER had an incident...but on this night we had another pup in the house...KD Lang, the Cavalier King Charles, that have been staying with us. KD on the other hand, is notorious for stealing food. When Daddy and Uncle Gary came home from dinner, Daddy found an area of the carpet with some ripped packaging and clumps & clumps of KD's hair around it. After 5 minutes of looking, Daddy found this:

When asked what had happened, KD looked like this:

KD had eaten my WHOLE ENTIRE BAG of Christmas present from Preston.I was nice enough to share when we opened the bag, but apparently that wasn't enough for the pooch. I was ROBBED! Mama felt so bad that I was robbed because I only got to sample 1 piece of the savory beef Pet Greens treat. She immediately went to the store the next day to replace my gift.

Lucky for me, Bruschi's gift was put away high out of KD's reach, otherwise, I'm sure she would have shown no mercy! Of course, she left all the paper and Holiday cards alone, because she didn't have any interest in seeing who sent the gifts...just the best part! Thank goodness she has gone time, Uncle Gary may have to think twice before agreeing to dog sit...that dog was CRAZY!


CoCo Puff

(** CoCo's Mama here: Even though we didn't see it with our own eyes, we are pretty sure it was KD who stole the treats because we have witnessed her savyness in the past. We have also left countless of treats, food, and things on the coffee table before, and Susie, Duke and CoCo have NEVER gone after them. Lucky for us, KD only ate the treats, and not the packaging too. We saw that she had nibbled on the "Do Not Eat Keep Dry" package that came in the bag, but didn't penetrate it. KD was fine after the incident.)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy 2009 to every pup and every human! May this new year bring good health, good humor and good company to everyone!

I have the best Mama of 2009! Look what I received to kick off the new year!I received enough Dingo bones to last me at least 6 months. Mama said that she used to receive New Year's presents as a child because her Mom and Dad would go shop the after Christmas sales, and she would receive more presents due to the deals.Mama decided she would continue that tradition with me. Of course, like last year, I had to show off and do a trick for my treats.This is the third year I have received New Year presents. Mama didn't capture my first year, but this is me posing last year: Dec. 2007
CoCo Puff Christmas 2007

I will definitely have to be good all year again, because the payout is PAWSOME!Thank you Mama for all the goodies!


CoCo Puff