Thursday, January 31, 2008

Its Never My Fault!

Pups out there will be able to relate to this...

1. When I was first brought home and I peed on the carpet, it was not my fault when my parents didn't watch me close enough.

2. When I chewed up the floorboard of the kitchen, it was not my fault that I was teething and Daddy didn't discover "Bitter Apple Spray" yet.

3. When I got scared during a walk after a Harley Davidson backfired, it was not my fault that I ran away from mama because she wasn't holding onto the leash tight enough. (I was a smart pup at 3 months old and I ran all the way home)

4. When I chewed up Uncle Gary's vision glasses, it was not my fault that he didn't have a night stand yet, and decided to throw his glasses on the floor and left his door open.

5. When I chewed up daddy's Reef flip flops, it was his fault for leaving it in the kitchen.

6. When I chewed up daddy's nice sandals and Merrel Shoes, it was not my fault that he forgot that I did the previous bad deed.

7. When I went into the pantry and ate up all the sample dog food, it was Uncle Gary's fault for leaving the pantry door open with me gated in the kitchen for 8 hours.

8. It was not my fault when my daddy still didn't learn that I'm a massive chewer, and left his Louis Vuitton wallet within my reach when he left for work.

9. Its always Susie's fault, my roomate, when we get into fights because she thinks she is of higher rank than me. (she forgot that I'm a charmer)

10. The grand finale of them all...its not my fault that I'm gaining weight because I like to eat and the humans know it and are still giving me all that I want. (again...I'm a charmer)

Now, I'm not a human's worst nightmare....I haven't destroyed anything in the last 5 months. I'm just a serious chewer because I have itchy teeth. My mama just bought me an Antler to gnaw on, so that should help relieve some tension. I am actually really obedient. I just don't like to be left alone for a long period of time. Who likes to be alone anyways!

CoCo Puff

Saturday, January 26, 2008


1. I am all black with no other color on my body.

2. I have a curly tail that curls to my left.

3. My tail has a white undercoat.

4. I have a severe underbite that causes me to have a snaggle tooth.

5. I sit completely on my butt and put most of my weight on my right cheek.

6. I live with my daddy and his roomate.

7. I have two roomates...Susie and Duke.

8. My mama and daddy have been dating furrever and do not live together.

9. My nickname is CoCo Puff, CoCo Baby, Babycakes, Monkeyface, Puff Mama.

10. I love to go for long walks.

11. I know my way home.

12. I love car rides and I stick my butt towards my mama and face daddy, the driver when we are riding.

13. I Love,, love to eat.

14. I do what ever you want if you have something for me to eat.

15. I can give kisses on demand.

16. My show off trick is bang bang, catch a biscuit from my nose, and wave bye, bye.

17. I can do a lot of tricks: sit, down, rollover, rollover the other way, sit up, bang bang, shake, wave, leave it, catch, twirl, high five...and more, my mama works me to the core.

18. I like to lead and walk in front when we go on walks.

19. I sleep with daddy in his bed.

20. I have a kennel, and understand "kennel up."

21. I have to stay in the kitchen with my roomates behind a baby gate during the day when everyone is at work.

22. I have a nice cushy bed that I do not use, but will go to it when told, only if they have a treat to give me.

23. My favorite thing in the whole world is...daddy, rawhide, peanut butter, and new sqeaky stuffie toys.

24. Stuffie toys last a max of 5 mins with me.

25. I'm a professional stuffie toy destroyer.

26. I know to only go pee & poo outside, but will poo on the tile in the house if it is rainy and wet outside. (I know better than to poo on the carpet.)

27. I hate sweaters, shirts, hats, and costumes. (I own a drawer full.)

28. I will stand as stiff as a log if you put a shirt on me.

29. My leash is a retractable cow print.

30. I wear a spike collar in red and a spike collar in black.

31. My mama has taken over 800 pictures of me.

32. I am 19.4 lbs, and not an ounce more.

33. I've had an ear infection and it really sucks...and stinky too.

34. I hate getting a shower and getting my nails clipped.

35. I've never gone to professional training or puppy kindergarten.

36. I do not like to come when called when I'm at home, but will come when called when I'm out and about.

37. I eat dry kibbles with "good stuff" on top, and will not eat my food until I see the "good stuff" on it.

38. I like my butt scratched.

39. My tail straightens when I'm asleep or relaxed.

40. I do not like other stranger dogs running up to me to sniff my butt.

41. I want to sniff other dogs butts before they sniff mine.

42. Mama and Daddy says I'm not well socialized.

43. I can walk off leash, but my parents don't fully trust me still.

44. I've convinced my mama that I need a new toy or new treats weekly.

45. I cannot have babies.

46. I made my mama cry when they picked me up from the vet clinic after my hysterectomy.

47. I shed two times a year and I shed a lot!

48. I love the cold weather and refuse to wear clothing in the cold.

49. I love the A/C vent in the car during the Summer.

50. I have to grab a toy to greet my mama at the door when she comes over.

51. I waggle my tail so much when mama and Uncle Phil comes by to where my body wobbles in circles.

52. Mama's brother, my Uncle Phil, loves me to pieces, but I do not get to see him very often. (see my previous blog.)

53. I don't like to share my toys with my roomates.

54. I don't like kitties.

55. My neck puffs up when I growl.

56. Susie and I will get into a brawl once a week...because Susie is a meanie.

57. I like to take the squeaker out of my well as eat the fuzz in my stuffies.

58. I can sit and floss my teeth with my rope toys for hours.

59. I can get the treat out of a kong by throwing the kong around.

60. I've destroyed some expensive things: daddy's LV wallet, Uncle Gary's vision glasses, daddy's shoes, and a whole lot of other things belonging to Uncle Gary.

61. When I need alone time, I spend it under the futon in the living room.

62. I get my teeth brushed, but it is not my favorite.

63. I snore when I sleep.

64. I sleep on top of the blanket, and never under.

65. I play with Duke more than Susie.

66. Duke and I will play kissy face and bitey face.

67. Susie and I will run around the house playing chase and tug-o-war.

68. I always win in tug-o-war with Susie.

69. I will sometimes bark at my own reflection.

70. I mark my spot by peeing on the corner of the grass when I go on walks.

71. My favorite human food are carrots, apples, peaches, and peanut butter.

72. I like to go to Petsmart and Petco...and Neiman Marcus.

73. I get Christmas presents and I have a New Year's resolution.

74. Susie, Duke and I have made track marks from where we walk in the backyard.

75. Between the three of us, our backyard is a poopie landmind in every square inch.

76. I know a lot of human vocabularies.

77. I like humans better than dogs.

78. I think I am a human in a dog's body.

79. I'm lost at a dog park.

80. My daddy is jealous of me because he thinks mama loves me more than him.

81. I was adopted from Craigslist.

82. My daddy will bite me on the ear if I I know better when he seems to get close to my ear with his mouth.

83. My mama likes to gives me lots of hugs and kisses...and I will run from her if she looks like she is getting oooey goooey.

84. I will use my paw to paw/scratch at you to get your attention.

85. When I yawn, I make a mini roaring sound.

86. I recently have eaten a whole jar of fish food when my parents and Uncle Gary went out to eat dinner. My pet fish didn't get to eat for a week.

87. I still have my dewclaws.

88. All 18 of my nails are solid black...daddy is the only one who cuts my nails.

89. Daddy cut one of my nails too close once and made me bleed, but I was a champion and did not yelp at all.

90. I've convinced everyone to give me and my roomates a treat as soon as they walk in the front door.

91. I'll start talking to my dad when he puts me to sleep in my kennel. (that's why I get to sleep in his bed with him.)

92. I am microchipped and it was the only time I yelped during a shot. (I take vaccinations like a champ.)

93. I kind of howl when I bark.

94. My favorite chew toys are my Nylabones.

95. It is funny to see my humans step on my rough and chewed up Nylabones.

96. I answer to my name very, very well.

97. I will answer to a crackly bag, the open of the refrigerator, and to whoever is in the pantry. (...because I know that is where all the goodies are.)

98. I have an automatic, electric powered, filtered, "fresh" water bowl.

99. I love DWB, Pugglenation and Food.

100. The loves of my life are Daddy, Mama, and Food. (Uncle Phil, Uncle Gary, Susie and Duke are just bonuses!)

I hope every pup out there has learned a little about me. This challenge has been fun! I hope you all enjoyed it!

CoCo Puff

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hi Uncle Phil!!!

Dear Uncle Phil,

If you are reading this, I want you to know that I am very sad that I haven't seen you in fooorrrevvver! Do you not miss me? I miss you very much. You are now required to bring me a new sqeaky toy, and take me for a long walk to make up for lost times, the next time you are over. I'm holding your human paw to it!

Lots of Love Licks!

CoCo Puff

Monday, January 7, 2008

New Year's Resolution

Happy New Years! I hope everyone's 2008 is kicking off with a bang! Mine is working out okay. My Mama said that my New Year's Resolution is to not gain anymore weight...even though she loaded my X-Mas gifts full of my favorite goodies. I think that I still have lots of room to grow. At 19lbs...I'm actually smaller than most of the Puggles out there. Uncle Gary said that I was looking very round and Daddy is the only one that said I still look beautiful. And they all wonder why I'm more Human than dog, I have a freaking New Year's Resolution relating to my weight!
CoCo Puff