Friday, November 26, 2010

International Treats!

Happy Thanksgiving to every human and every pup! I hope that everyone was able to eat a bundle!

Susie, my roommate received a care package from Korea. Look what we found inside!!!!
Dried Anchovies, Chicken wrapped rawhide bones, milkbones, and cheese rolls!They were not any typical kind of treats, they were a bunch of International Treats. A lot of which we've never had, nor can ever find here in the U.S. This here has been all of our favorite....Dried Anchovies, made especially for dogs!
It is so stinky that it makes us drool from the sound of the crackling bag it comes in! Look closely, you can see the bones still in them!
There was also this really cool Meaty Cheese Roll treat. We definitely don't have that here!
My eyes definitely light up when given an Anchovy treat!
Please stop taking my picture so I can go chow down on this treat....bones and all!
CoCo Puff

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sundays in the Fall

Sunday at Mama's house is a relaxing experience. The house has great lighting and the couch is quite comfy too.I'll usually hang out on the couch, relaxing and minding my own business, until Daddy busts out the football food.

Human food always gets my attention, and I'll sit up on high alert.

This is what captured my's quite smelly for it to be human food!
I give Daddy the stare down...until he finally notices. On Sundays, he's usually too busy looking at the television, watching teams go against each other with this egg shaped ball.
Here I am with my "focused face."
The stare down always work....prize achieved! One point to CoCo Puff to zero points to Daddy!