Friday, December 28, 2007


Look what Santa Paws gave me for Xmas! For being such a good puppy, I asked for a list of things for Xmas this year and look what I got...I got a bunch of yummy treats, Dingos in all shapes, sizes and flavor, new squeaky toys, milkbones, a new collar, and lots more. For some reason, I couldn't find my gianormous dynamasaurous bone anywhere...I think Santa Paws left that one out. I am very grateful for what I've received, Thank you. I will be sure to share my goodies with Susie and Duke since I know they will share theirs with me. Now...back to me, which one should I open first?...Dingo Wag n' Wrap or Milkbone? Which squeaker toy should I destroy first?...the fluffy fishbone or the fat cat jackrabbit? Well, Xmas was great, hopefully every pup out there had a pawsome one too! May the New Year bring good health, lots of love and many more treats to every pup out there!!!

CoCo Puff

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Daddy tries to save the day!

So Saturday is suppose to be one of my free days, meaning that I'm not locked up in the kitchen with Duke all day long while everyone is at work. Uncle Gary is usually home on Saturdays, but since Christmas is near, he had to work, and so did Daddy and Mama. The evening started out okay when Uncle Gary fed us dinner because I got to eat up Susie's leftovers...she wasn't that hungry. Then Mama came by when she got off work and I was super excited.

The rollercoaster started when Daddy got off work and decided he wanted to save the Doggy World. Rather than pet me and love me like he normally does when he gets home, he walked in the house saying: "I need to find the homes to these two lost dogs...its so cold out." Uh um...what dogs and who do they think they are? They apparently had fancy owners that had an invisible fence because they were wearing fence shock collars and rabie vaccination tags, but no owners tag. The fence obviously didn't work and no owners tag?!?...their humans were not that smart...obviously. They were a white lab mix and an Airedale.

Daddy dragged Mama with him to take the two lost pooches to the local animal hospital to get them scanned since one of them had an Avid tag. Mama said they were doing their good deed just in case I ever got lost. (which would never happen since I ran all the way home when I was 4 months old when Mama accidently dropped the leash during a walk, but thats another story.) Mama told me that on the way there, the Airdale gave up her dinner in the car and it smelled awful and when they got to the vet, the microchipped scanned was not registered...again the lost pooches owned stupid humans. Mama and Daddy had to drive the dogs back home and try to find their owners. When they got back to the house, the Lab lost her dinner in the car, and Daddy had to clean up the mess again. While cleaning the car the second time, the two dogs ran away from Daddy and the whole night was a waste of time. Daddy felt sooo guilty and sad that he couldn't find the owners.

I later had to pay for the event by smelling a nasty Daddy, and being preached at all night for me to never take off running. I'm too smart for that, our house has too many treats and sqeaky toys. Daddy tried to save the day, but success evaded him. Anyways, the moral of the story is...make sure your tags have your human's name and phone number on them as well as REGISTER YOUR MICROCHIPS! Don't forget that a stranger do not talk Dogish, Dognese, Dogman, or any other dog language to get you back home!

CoCo Puff

Monday, December 17, 2007

Where is the cold weather?

I guess part of living in Texas is not liking the hot weather and making the most out of the so called cold weather. Christmas is eight days away and the leaves on our trees are barely changing colors and only a few have made it to the ground for me to sniff or chase. Now, if I can only convince my Mama that it is not cold enough for me to wear clothes. I hate clothes. Susie and Duke sports their sweaters with pride, I will stand as stiff as a log as long as I have to, protesting for them to take it off. Daddy will rescue me and not make me wear the stupid things...he remembers that I have fur, Mama on the other hand loves to dress me up like I'm a little girl...yuck!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tricks for Treats!

So I feel like I'm pretty smart for a pup! I've never been to puppy kindergarten or any kind of professional training. I think I work very hard for a good bite to eat. My roomate Susie seems to think that I'm a show off...I just think that she is spoiled and never have to earn her keep. My mama and daddy makes sure that I listen with yummy treats and manage to get me to do lots of stuff: I can sit, down, rollover, and rollover the other way, bang bang, sit up, shake, wave, twirl, look on command, catch a cookie from my nose, high five, give kisses, leave it,...and the list goes on. Mama wants me to be able to know as much as Preston the Puggle does...but I think I have a long way to go. Mama says I'm definitely more Pug than Beagle because my Beagle sniffer seems to be broken. I'm not really good at finding toys and recognizing them by name...I'll need to work on that! Other than that, I'm super loved for all that I am!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa Paws,

I have been a really good puppy this year! (Even though I chewed up 3 to 4 pairs of daddy's shoes, and it wasn't my fault because he left it where he wasn't suppose to!) I've stopped stealing Daddy's stinky socks, and have learned to share my toys with my roommates. I've also been fully potty trained and have learned tons of tricks..look, I can sit up straight for a cookie. I feel that I've been a puppy that is worth rewarding, so for Christmas this year I would like to have: lots of peanut butter rawhides, Christmas cookies, a gianormous dyna-masaurus bone, more greenies, sausage, liver treats, some new soft plush toys with squeakers in them, and a cat to chase. You can bring Susie and Duke something good to eat too because they are good at sharing with me. I promise to be a super good puppy all year by not making messes, and keeping Daddy warm at night. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

CoCo Puff

p.s. please DO NOT send anymore clothes, sweaters, shirts, pants, hats, or costumes. I have plenty and it is hot in Texas!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Meet My Roomates!

I would like to introduce you to Susie. She is Uncle Gary's favorite. Mama had to trick us with a yummy cookie in order to get us to sit together for this picture. Susie usually doesn't like me too much, but she does serve me a good use when she gets to eat the delicious human stuff! Mama doesn't allow me to have any table scraps. I usually only get to watch the humans eat and sniff the air. My roomates has their advantages...Susie and Duke gets the yummy human stuff every once in a while from Uncle Gary and Daddy. I have figured out that if I wait long enough, something will usually drop and it is mine, all mine. And if I am quick enough, I can usually snatch some human stuff up before it ever makes it into Duke's mouth.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bath Time...yikes!

So I think my mom has a thing with getting me squeaky clean...I hate it! I know that I cannot avoid it when the weather is warm and my mom scoops me under her arms and heads to the bathroom, shutting every door behind her. Its that time... A BATH! I try to avoid it at all cost by hiding under Daddy's clothes in the closet when I hear her turn on the shower faucet. It never fails, no where to run, I get washed...

The whole process is not so bad, it feels good and I get a thorough body scrub down, but it takes forever! Mom had this bright idea that she is going to make me smell extra good and feel extra soft with an extra shiny coat. She uses this stuff called Kiehl's Doggy Shampoo and Conditioner. I have to leave the conditioner stuff on for a whole 2 minutes; now can you imagine standing wet, cold and annoyed with nowhere to run? The best part of this whole mess is that I get a yummy treat afterwards, otherwise I wouldn't bother! After my bath I'm usually super excited, but it really stinks to have to get yourself all dried up and smelly all over again. I do not wait too long to roll on something smelly, but I've just realized that that is what starts this whole process over again!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Someone is finally home!!!!

My roommates and I get so excited when someone finally gets home. We can hardly contain all our excitement...but most importantly, we need to go outside to go potty!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

My First Post!


My name is CoCo, and I am a Puggle. For those of you who do not already know, I am a designer dog...a cross of a Pug and a Beagle. I am 17 months and am spoiled rotten. I have my mom and dad wrapped around my little paw. I've managed to convince my mom that I need new treats and new toys every week. Dad love me too but the toys are harder to come by from him. I live with my dad and his roomate Gary. Uncle Gary also has two fellow four legged friends, Susie and Duke. They are both Chihuahua Terrier mix and are my roomates. I like Duke a lot, he plays and wrestles with me and does not steal my treats. I don't care for Susie very much...she is one little snot that likes to pick on me for no reason. I am a very happy pup that loves to if you know of some yummy treats I should try, drop me a note to let me know!