Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bath Time...yikes!

So I think my mom has a thing with getting me squeaky clean...I hate it! I know that I cannot avoid it when the weather is warm and my mom scoops me under her arms and heads to the bathroom, shutting every door behind her. Its that time... A BATH! I try to avoid it at all cost by hiding under Daddy's clothes in the closet when I hear her turn on the shower faucet. It never fails, no where to run, I get washed...

The whole process is not so bad, it feels good and I get a thorough body scrub down, but it takes forever! Mom had this bright idea that she is going to make me smell extra good and feel extra soft with an extra shiny coat. She uses this stuff called Kiehl's Doggy Shampoo and Conditioner. I have to leave the conditioner stuff on for a whole 2 minutes; now can you imagine standing wet, cold and annoyed with nowhere to run? The best part of this whole mess is that I get a yummy treat afterwards, otherwise I wouldn't bother! After my bath I'm usually super excited, but it really stinks to have to get yourself all dried up and smelly all over again. I do not wait too long to roll on something smelly, but I've just realized that that is what starts this whole process over again!


Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

Well at least you don't have to have your bath where everyone can see ya. Daddy like to do them in the backyard when the weather is warm fur all to see! But at least we get to run and run and run till we're dry. We like Mane & Tail shampoo & conditioner it leaves us almost too soft and it can be used on horses and humans too! Mommy uses the conditioner to untangle her long hair. We think it's funny she buy her stuff in the doggie section of the store. hehe we asked her if she was a dog and we jus didn't know it.

Love Licks

Katie and Gizmo said...

Your video was sooo funny. I want to be your friend.