Monday, December 17, 2007

Where is the cold weather?

I guess part of living in Texas is not liking the hot weather and making the most out of the so called cold weather. Christmas is eight days away and the leaves on our trees are barely changing colors and only a few have made it to the ground for me to sniff or chase. Now, if I can only convince my Mama that it is not cold enough for me to wear clothes. I hate clothes. Susie and Duke sports their sweaters with pride, I will stand as stiff as a log as long as I have to, protesting for them to take it off. Daddy will rescue me and not make me wear the stupid things...he remembers that I have fur, Mama on the other hand loves to dress me up like I'm a little girl...yuck!


Unknown said...

It's cold in Texas?

Anonymous said...

cute,see me at my blog