Monday, March 16, 2009

To Chew or Not to Chew...that is the question!

Those of you who know me, knows that I L-O-V-E rawhides. In fact, I've asked to be paid in RAWHIDES for any kind of services that I do, You Can Pay Me in Rawhides! This is me holding my rawhide in my mouth!On this day, Mama got out of class early and came home during lunch time. We were all let out to relieve ourselves and Susie and Duke decided that they wanted to stay outside to sunbathe. I,...being the smarter puppy, decided that I would rather follow Mama inside because she is bound to have to eat lunch. She did! To keep my nose out from her lunch, Mama gave me a rawhide to keep me busy. Normally, I would chew, knaw, and eat the rawhide within 5 minutes of receiving it, but on this day...I decided I wanted to hide it. Mama managed to capture it on video. Look, I even brushed the air with my nose as if I was really burying it!

CoCo Puff

(CoCo's Mama here: CoCo actually walked all over the house for almost 20 minutes, trying to find the perfect spot to hide her rawhide. The video was only one of the few spots she choose to hide her bone. I think it was only due to Susie and Duke being outside did she decide to do that. CoCo eventually sat down to chew her treat when Susie and Duke came back inside from sunbathing. Dogs do the darndest things!)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Earning My Keep!!!

Hello my Blog Buddies!!! Sorry for not updating my blog sooner. My Mama has been too busy and have been neglecting to help me get my barks out! Needless to say...I've been busy too. I have finally MASTERED the "hide your eye" trick. I finally decided to cooperate and my Mama got her wish. I had to work very hard, because my Mama would not accept anything less than my Paw over my whole muzzle. Of course, I was well rewarded if I did it correctly!!!

Now, my new task of business is to learn how to "take a bow." I do not like this trick at all!
I have to keep my front paws on the floor, my rear end in the air and it feels funny! My Mama is on a mission in keeping me busy.
Who said that a "pet" doesn't have to work for a bite to eat! I am definitely earning my keep!

CoCo Puff