Thursday, April 30, 2009


This year, on April 30th, my Daddy is having a big Lunar Burfday! For those of you who are not familiar with the Lunar Calendar, cycles of the Lunar horoscope rotates every twelve years. Needless to say, it is Daddy's year of the Ox. Daddy had told Mama that this year for his birthday, we were going help "jump start" the economy and help with the recession. His birthday present was going to be "HUGE!"............

What Mama and I were not expecting was that he was going to go through an early "mid-life crisis" and wanted a Motorcycle.Mama said no to the crotch-rocket! So instead, he found himself another toy....a car! This is the car Daddy is getting!
So now, we have a new ride. I test drove it first and I approved. It is suppose to be pretty spiffy. Hopefully I will get to ride in it often!
Happy Burfday Daddy!!!
CoCo Puff

Monday, April 20, 2009

Air CoCo!!!

My newest trick is jumping through hoops. Soon I will be joining the circus. Daddy assisted me in doing my new awesome trick. I was lured through the hoop with a real beef, shank bone.As you can see, I caught some good air time!My parents are literally having me jump through hoops for a treat!
Please do not laugh too hard at my funny face! I will soon wear a binky red nose, a clown suit with shoes too big for my feet and a flower on my lapel that squirts water in your face. Ringling Brothers, here comes CoCo Puff!Hugs,
CoCo Puff

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring is here!!!

Prettier Spring weather only means Dog Park for CoCo Puff!!!! A couple of weeks ago, my roommates Susie and Duke got to go to the dog park with me. They had never been before, so it was a new experience for all of us! The extra pooch you all see is Bear. He is a Shih Tsu Mix that belongs to my Uncle Gary's new girlfriend. Bear is about 1 years old and plays violently with ropes. He is a little too excited for Susie, Duke and I. We all had a good time at the park. Susie and Duke didn't know what to do, other than sniff everything and everywhere. I also did the usual, sniff, sniff, sniff...

Here is a picture of all of us loaded up to go to the park in the back of Uncle Gary's girlfriend's car. I didn't like the ride too much. It was hot and super uncomfortable. Mama and Daddy usually lets me ride shotgun with them, but since there was a whopping 4 dogs going to the park, we didn't want any pooch to feel jealous, so I had to suck it up. Look at how I was panting...Here is a group picture of all of us at the park. Susie didn't want to participate.
Another picture of us and Susie is MIA.
Susie didn't know what to do, she seemed to be more annoyed than anything.
Duke and I had a good time. We sniffed the same things and walked around together.
When I was finally exhausted, I went and sat in Daddy's lap. Daddy petted my belly with the cool breeze flowing through my was nice.
Mama also kept me comfortable too!

Happy Spring Everybody!!!
CoCo Puff
pee ess, this is what I mean when I said that Bear is violently crazy with the rope.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Don't Like Working for Food!!!

Look what I have to go through to get a bite to eat! My Mama believes that I have to earn everything I eat, so if she feeds me dinner, I have to do a couple of tricks before I am allowed to eat. The dinner Mama makes me is usually tastier and smellier, so I am always eager to eat it. I like it when Daddy and Uncle Gary feeds me because I get to eat right away, but it usually does not taste as good as when Mama makes me dinner....I hear her say something like "putting in TLC" in my dinner. Whatever that is, I love the way it taste, but not the work I have to do to get it! As you can see, I am at my rebellious stage in becoming a "big girl," so I like to vocally protest. The video do not come close to what I usually have to do...Mama is only showing you the short version....don't let the video fool you!

I was tagged by Bijou to list 5 random things about me...and they are:
1. I have a severe underbite
2. The root of the hair on my curly tail is WHITE
3. My feet smells like Fritos
4. I don't like to meet new dogs
5. I HATE clothes, showers, and the sound of plastic trash bags

Now I would like to tag: Bruschi, Lola, Happy, Peanut, & Chef

CoCo Puff