Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Pawlidays!

Happy Pawlidays to Everyone!  I apologize for not keeping up with my blog this year.  Hopefully, I'll be better in the New Year.

I was hoping to not have to endure the painful task of wearing a funny XMAS costume, since I got away from wearing a Halloween costume....but, no such Mama got a hold of me!
 The Reindeer Antlers are by far the worst!  I'm a Puggle....not a Reindeer!  Bark Humbug!
I'll tolerate the jingle bell collar.  It just makes me sound like a cat!

I hope Santa Paws is good to all the Pup pups out there!  I've been good all year so I hope my stocking is full of goodies!

CoCo Puff

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Today is my 6th Birthday!!! So I got to go on a ride to go pick out my Birthday Treats!

Had the back seat all to myself!

Mama had me try on a party hat!  I was not amused!

Then when we got was a Barkday Party for me!  

I got my own Barkday Cookie!  A variety of treats and homemade Chicken Jerky my Mama made!

 Look at all the TREATS I got.  Homemade Chicken...YUM, yum!!!
 I got to taste everything.  The Sweet Potato Chews were delish!
 I took off running with my entire Barkday Cookie!
I'm eating the whole thing and no one is stopping me!  IT'S MY BIRTHDAY AND I'LL INDULGE IF I WANT TO!
 Now I'm full!
I had the most fabulous Birthday/ Barkday!

I am one lucky pup!
CoCo Puff

Sunday, June 17, 2012


There is nothing to do here at Mama's house!  She has too many rules!

So all I get to do is lounge around.  Not too bad since its stinking HOT outside!
Mama gave me a designer toy...similar to the stuff she sells!

I wonder if she is hinting something!  Do they offer a creme that is "anti-gray hair creme?"

CoCo Puff

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This is Jack...he is a "Grandpa Dog" aka, Miniature Schnauzer. He is KD Lang's brother....We are dog sitting again!
Here is KD Lang...the Cavalier King Charles we dog sit every once in a while We are Dog Sitting! ...she is the super neurotic dog that steals food if we leave it out. She's stole my Xmas present one year Great Gifts...then I was ROBBED!They are pretty cute when they want to be! They just haven't caught on to our routine yet....although they caught on really quickly that I was the PACK LEADER!!!!Forced photo with Jack! Mom said she needed new material for my blog.....yuck!

Forced photo with KD Lang....YUCK again!Feeding time....can you believe ALL five of us eat at the same time! I don't get to eat first...Daddy served the guest pups first!
The best part about KD and Jack visiting is that they come baring Chicken Jerky Treats enough for all of us. That is the dog sitting fee we charge!

Check out how crazy Jack is....he attacks the vacuum! Laugh out loud if you want!

Happy Spring!

CoCo Puff

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, New Loot!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Welcome 2012!!!!

I hope that every pup and every human had a fabulous Holiday Season! May 2012 bring lots of Joy and GREAT Health to all!!!

Look at my LOOT!!!!

I received a bag of Christmas Goodies from my pals Bruschi and Ebby in Florida Bruschi the Puggle ! Everything was delish! My roommate Susie was so jealous, she stole a Candy Cane rawhide from the coffee table and ate it all in her kennel. I was planning on sharing, but I wasn't expecting to have it stolen! Thank you Bruschi and Ebby!!!!.....Christen too!
By buddy Preston the Puggle sent an awesome Topsy Turvy Chicken/Fox toy, with a super sized bag of Pupperoni Treats! I definitely loved my new toy....I wouldn't even let my Mama pull the tags off before I took off with it! The treats were super yummy,....Susie and Duke thanks Preston and Suzz too!!!!.....also, Mama received some really nice smelling soap! She was so excited and felt so loved! my new pal Dixie. Dixie is an Australian Sheppard Mix that is the fur baby of my Mama's gal pal Linda.

Dixie was so sweet and had read my Santa Paws letter and answered my wishes. She sent over some really neat things....I was sooooo flattered!
Dixie gave me a super cool Squeaky Reindeer with a bag of Chicken Jerky! I loved the reindeer so much, I choose it over my Mama's squeaky toy for me! I guess I liked it better because it looked more like a little rascal that needed an extra squeeze. Thank you Dixie and Aunty Linda!!!

Mama and Daddy also made sure that I had my favorite treats stock piled for the new year. I am a very blessed pup and am very thankful for all the love by all my pals! May the new year bring lots of prosperity and laughter to everyone!

CoCo Puff