Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Stinky Ear!

I found a sun spot in Mama's bedroom, and decided that sunbathing in the morning, indoors, is the best way of capturing my daily dose of Vitamin D!

As far as the Stinky Ear goes....its another ear infection. This time its the opposite ear than the first one I had 3 years ago. They say that once you get an ear infection, you are prone to getting them, so watch out Puggles, we are prone to them due to our floppy ears. ***Always make sure your Moms and Dads dry your ears really well after a bath. Thank goodness Daddy checked my ears and discovered the icky-ness before it got really bad. I was a good girl this time and didn't scratch as much to let the parents know I was in ear trouble.

So, after the Vet visit today, I'm on ear treatment and antibiotic ointments for 10 whole days. The worst part of this whole ordeal was that my weigh-in at the Vet came out at 22.3 lbs. The Vet told Daddy that she couldn't feel my ribs....=( Which now means...reduce food again and DIET, here I come.

CoCo Puff