Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Doctor's Order

Since my little toofie surgery...I only lost 0.4 lbs. Last week, I weighed 21.8 lbs...today I weighed 21.4 lbs. You would think that after such major work done to my mouth, I would at least shed a whole pound?!?! Urrrggghhh!

Well, I think I can safely blame it on the wet food I've been getting since the extractions. After all, they were Doctor's orders! This is what Mama got me today:
It was very holistic and very pure. Mama read the ingredient label and everything checked out okay! Mama said that it didn't look very appetizing to her, but it was DELICIOUS!
Here, I gave Duke my roommate, the stare-down because he was coming too close to my yummy dinner.
Then I had to wait very patiently for Mama's release for me to eat.It took me longer than usual to eat wet food. It definitely took more licks to finish than regular kibbles. I enjoyed every last lick and am so not looking forward to plain dry kibbles after my prescribed time is up!

Hugs with little drool,
CoCo Puff

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Puggle Father's Day!

Happy FATHER's DAY Daddy! I know Mama said that you are a "dog owner" and not a real "Daddy," but to me...you are the B-E-S-T Daddy any Puggle can ask for. Thank you for loving me and Mama unconditionally! You are #1 in our books! Have a GREAT FATHER'S DAY!

Lots of LOVE,
CoCo Puff

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Post-Op...I survived!

CoCo Puff here...I'm a little dazed and confused! Today was the day...I had my Dental Surgery. It was painful! I woke up at my usual time this morning and Susie and Duke were given breakfast, but I wasn't. I was not allowed any food before surgery. I was not too pleased with that...those of you who knows me, knows that I live to "eat."

Daddy washed my face, combed my fur and spritz some Juicy Critture Doggy Pawfume on me and then took me to the Vet at 9am. At arrival, all the Vet Techs and nurses loved on me. They said I was the cutest dog, and smelled soooo good!

After the Vet exam, it was confirmed, I had to get the bad molar extracted. Not only that, the Vet also found two other bad teeth, so I had them removed too. It was a far back, top molar that is useless, and a lower M1 molar on the same side of the initial P4 molar. In total, I lost 3 teeth...O-U-C-H!!! While under the anesthesia, the Vet also gave me a deep dental cleaning, so I should be okay in the teeth department for a while!

Mama came and picked me up at 4:30 pm. I was so happy to see her! I walked out of the Vet's back office tail wagging! The nurse gave Mama some Pain Meds, Antibiotics, a bag of Dental Care Rawhides for me. And of course, my extracted teeth too. Mama was SUPER happy to see that I was happy and okay! $325 dollars later, we arrived home. I was super hungry when I got home. All I wanted was food. The Vet had prescribed soft kibbles or wet food. YUM! I was only given 1/4 of my regular portion, just in case the anesthesia caused an upset stomach. As you can see in the pictures, I was very glassy eyed due to all the drugs.I will be on meds for the next week, so I will keep you all posted. Until then, THANK YOU to all my blog buddies for wishing me well!

Hugs and Drool,
CoCo Puff

Pee ess, DO NOT scroll down if you are squeamish. Below you will find pictures of my teeth! In total I lost 3 teeth. It looks like more because they are broken into pieces.
Oh ya, and another thing....this was not my ideal way of going on a DIET, but it will have to benefit my waistline somehow!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh NO!!! I broke my top molar, now I might need to get it extracted! OOPPS!!!!

Oh no! I have more bad news! I might have to get one of my top, left molar extracted. I'm scared! It all started when Daddy was trying to brush my teeth this past Sunday. He was doing his routine thing until I refused to let him brush my left side. Daddy thought it was a little weird and he told Mama that I acted "Ape S#!t." He then checked my teeth again today and saw that I had lost half of a molar. When he checked and compared both sides of my mouth, it was confirmed that my left top P4 molar was half gone.Then, Daddy called the Vet Dentist and asked questions. The Vet told him over the phone that my broken molar may have to be extracted! We have an appointment for this Thursday in the early morning for a consultation, and possible extraction...Mama is really scared! As you can see. The arrow points at the tooth where there is nerve exposure. The circle tooth is suppose to be pointed.
No one really knows when this happened. Below you will see that I was still chewing my new Nylabone on May 20th.I've always been a super chewer and love to chew hard things, but no one really thought I would lose a tooth over it!

Mama has now thrown away all my Nylabones and HARD beef shank bones. Mama and Daddy are both totally heart broken and is worried sick that I might be in pain. I am actually my jolly ole self. If you saw me, you wouldn't know that I have a half broken tooth in my mouth. I still eat just fine and am loving life. No one would have known that I had this problem until Daddy decided to brush my teeth. Now I have to go to the Doggy Dentist and lose a part of myself. =(

Wish me luck!

CoCo's Mama here: From now on out, we are going to supervise CoCo like a hawk when she chews on anything. We have also thrown away all her hard chewies and do not plan on buying anymore Nylabones. Warning to all other heavy chewers out there...YOU CAN BREAK YOUR TEETH! We will keep everyone posted as this progress.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Not So Fun Trip to Petsmart!

Don't laugh! But my Daddy was so impressed with Preston the Puggle's ability to wear Doggles, that he wanted to see if I could wear them too. So today he took me to Petsmart to try on some Doggles.
I do not like wearing clothes, much less wearing sun shades. The most humiliating part was that Mama suggested that I walk around the store wearing those silly things. Needless to say, I refused to walk and when I did, I look like I was drunk walking. The other shoppers were laughing hysterically at me!

Then, to top it off...Daddy had me weighed on the scale at Petsmart. I came in at a heafty 21.8 lbs. Immediately after the weigh-in, Daddy said "CoCo you are going on a D-I-E-t!" For those of you who have seen this dilema before, this is what I had to go through last fall. D-I-E-t...YUCK! Daddy then prescribed me diet food, no treats and a walkie everyday in this 100 degree heat! Yikes! It was no fun visiting Petsmart today!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hot Summer Days!

My Daddy came back from his trip all safe and sound. Now he is back to work and is having to work extra long Summer hours! The Summer heat is in full gear and we are already in the 100 degree mark here in Texas. All that is left for me to do is enjoy the air conditioner inside by chewing on a chewy!
This chewy was an extra large one for my size and should keep me busy for a while. Yum, yum...


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Daddy is out of town...I am out of sleep!

I'm sooooo sad. My Daddy went to Atlanta, Georgia yesterday to visit his Mom. I think I over heard him say that he went to visit because it was his Mom's Burfday.
Daddy, when are you coming home? I miss you! Why didn't you take me with you?
I hope you come back soon because my sleeping pattern is all messed up. I cannot believe I have to sleep in my own "dog bed" while you are gone. I haven't had to sleep a full night in one of those in fur-ever, so hurry back so I can snuggle in my comfy mattress with you!

CoCo Puff