Thursday, January 27, 2011

Slow start to 2011

I've had a slow start to the new year! My Mama has been slow in coming in helping me blog these days. Since buying a house, and moving 30 miles away from my house, she is almost a stranger! I'm so sad. She also feels very guilty when she goes for a while before seeing me!

At any rate...we had a very quiet Christmas, and I received great presents from my pals Preston, and Bruschi and Ebby. They were all so kind and generous. Thank you bloggy pals!
Look at the chewies Bruschi and Ebby sent along with the beautiful Xmas Card Photo. Yum! I had to share with Susie and Duke!Look at the bag of treats and leggy stuffy Preston sent, along with his festive card!
This year the retailers have gotten smarter. In past years, I've always received a lot of Dingo bones as a New Year's gift due to the "after Christmas sales." This year, there were no New Year's gifts due to the retailers not having any doggy bones for the holidays. Mama and I were a bit disappointed! But a Greenie will always cheer me up!

This winter has been quite chilly too! I've been stuck indoors quite a bit. On the rare occasions where I do get out, we have Cedar Fever here in Austin!

Cedar Fever is when all the Cedar pollen disperse into the air at the same time. A lot of humans are highly Daddy being one of the them, so we don't get to go out for walkies much. When outdoors, I want nothing to do with getting my picture taken, so Mama calls me a "professional camera dodger!"
I refuse to look into the camera....can we continue walking please?
We cannot wait until Spring arrives! We hope every human and every pup have a mild and pleasant winter!