Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

April 30th is my Daddy's Birthday! He is so special to me that I thought I would share this special day with all my friends too! For your birthday Daddy, I thought I would wrap myself up as a gift to you! I also promise not to hog the bed and give you lots of love kisses! I hope you get everything you wished for! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Hugs and Kisses,
CoCo Puff

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lazy Sunday!

We had Severe Thunder Storm this morning before it was time for me to wake up. There was thunder, lightning, lots of rain and this stuff I heard Daddy call hail. There was so much noise. Daddy said that because of all the April Shower, we could not go to the park it ended up being a lazy Sunday. Susie and Duke also spent the day lounging with me. This is what we look like all lined up on top of the couch.Mama went crazy with the camera again, so here is Duke looking annoyed.Susie also did not look too amused to have her picture taken.We had a super relaxing weekend. I hope everyone else did also!


CoCo Puff

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Loofa Dog!!!

So everyone had a loofa dog but me. Mama finally decided to get me my own Loofa Dog...problem is, it is as big as me. For some reason, my Loofa Dog is exactly the same size as me, which means it was the one for the Retrievers. My Mama has started to buy me oversized toys thinking it would last a little longer because she thinks that big = durable. WRONG! She forgot that I'm a professional stuffie toy destroyer.Mr. Loofa Dog just doesn't know what he has coming. Just give me about 10 minutes alone under the couch with him and I will have him fuzzing in my paw. I think that is why I'm only given Mr. Loofa Dog under scrutinized supervision.


CoCo Puff

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Good Weekend!

So I made it to the park this past weekend. The weather cooperated at little too well this time and it was quite toasty. Thank you to all the pups that kept their paws crossed for good weather! I got to stay at the park for a little over an hour.

The park was super smelly this time because I saw lots of dogs playing. I was trying to mind my own business in my sniffing when a rambunctious puppy named Evie decided to chase me around. Evie is a Chow/Newfoundland mix and is only 4 months old. He was full of energy and wanted to throw me around like a stuffie toy.

As you can see, he will be a super big pup when he is fully grown. I wasn't too amused when he chased me around. I found refuge on top of a rock and he was still persisitent. At one point, I thought he was going to push me into the water.

After all the chaotic chasing I continued to sniff.And sniff some more.I had a really good time at the park and I'm already counting down to the next trip. This is what I looked like after the park and after the horrific bath I have to endure everytime after the park. I was one tired puggle!

I hope everyone also had a fabulous weekend!


CoCo Puff

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm ready for the park!

My Mama had to work last weekend and Daddy had to mow the yard to get it ready for me to play on, so last weekend I was ripped off of my weekly ride. The ride usually leads to either Petco for treats for me or to the doggy park. I overheard Mama tell Daddy that they'll take me to the park this weekend. Hopefully the weather will cooperate! I'm getting my little sniffer ready to sniff the park! Yipee!

**This is what I look like when Mama lets me hang out the window.**


CoCo Puff

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Meet my alter ego...Afro Puff

This is me looking as cute as a button as CoCo Puff, the rambunctious Puggle.

Now meet my alter ego...Afro Puff. Afro Puff comes out at night to snuggle all that needs snuggling and keep the sleepers warm. My Daddy often wonders why he gets great sleep on certain nights...he was Snuggled by Afro Puff.

Hugs and Snuggles,
CoCo Puff