Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Gobble Gobble!!!

I hear that today is suppose to be one of the biggest eating days of the year by those humans! Maybe there will be an extra serving for me! Last week, Mama came home with a big surprise for me. She brought me a REAL B-O-N-E. It was a beef bone with marrow in it! She had to boil it for 25 minutes and let it cool off before it was ready for me to have it, but when I had, um good!

I had to work hard at getting a really good grip around it because it was a generous size!Daddy is suppose to make me another one of those special B-O-N-E-S for my Thanksgiving...we will see about that! Mama and Daddy has a tendency to spell out the word "bone" when they do not want to over excite me, but what they do not know, is that I can spell too! I hope every human and every pup have a wonderful Thanksgiving!Hook 'em Horns and Go Cowboys!

Happy Gobble Gobble!

CoCo Puff

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I didn't forget my friends!

I promise that I didn't forget my bloggy friends! My Mama has been sooo busy with school and the holidays that she doesn't have much time to help me catch up my blog. I have new pictures I need to share with my buddies, but that will have to wait. Until then...I will hang tight!

CoCo Puff

Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas Shopping!!!

A couple of weeks back, Daddy and Mama dragged me to PetsMart and PetCo to get weighed. I was on strict diet then. After being weighed, we all walked around the store.

What my parents didn't know, was that I was taking notes and sniffing around for my Christmas presents. I looked at dog biscuits, new foods, Greenies, bones, rawhides treats, toys, and then I stumbled on my friend Preston's book. I was taking lots of notes, and I'm ready to send Santa Paws a message. I hope all you Pups out there are getting your list started!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Annual Checkup!

Today, Daddy tricked me into going to the vet. He first said that we were going for a ride to pick up Mama from school, but he failed to mention that we were going to the vet straight after. While we were in the waiting area, I met a Bichon Frise...he was scared and shaking. I also saw many other dogs that were waiting for their turn. The diet thing has leveled off. The weigh in came in at 21 lbs. I was weighed on this ancient looking scale. The result wasn't too bad, the Dr. said I weighed 22 lbs last year at this time, so Mama was happy. I had to stand on the cold stainless table and get my temperature taken. The violation is embarassing, so I jumped off the table. I was then picked back up and put on the cold table. I then sat and listened attentively as the Vet Tech told Daddy what I needed. It was then determined that I needed my round of booster shots and a set of dewormer preventative that will taste like bananas. I took my shot like a grand champion because my Daddy distracted me with a yummy cookie treat while the Doc gave me the shot. Daddy then gave me a big kiss for being such a well behaved good girl! Lucky for me, I don't have to do this again for another whole year!

CoCo Puff