Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dear Santa Paws

Dear Santa Paws,

This year again has flown by! I almost did not get my letter out in time with my wish list for Christmas. As usual, I've been an excellent pup all year round and deserve lots of rewards. I am now a full grown pup at 4 1/2, and am starting to show it too. I've grown lots of white fur on my chin and had just received news from the vet that I have a knobbly knee. I do not show signs of any aches or pain, but my Mama is worried to death about me. This year for Christmas I would like:
  • for Mama not to worry
  • for me to stay spunky and strong
  • for Daddy to spoil me rotten
  • for Uncle Phil to be jolly
  • Bones to chew on
  • Greenies
  • Lots of Treats
  • Stuffy toys with squeakers

Also like years past, please do not send:
  • clothes, costumes
  • baths, or grooming products
  • annoying neighbors
  • bad weather
  • diet kibbles
This list goes ditto for Duke and Susie also. I am sincere in my wishes as you can see. I even got all dressed up in showing my Pawliday spirit. Please remember me, as I am a pup worth rewarding!

May there be peace on earth and good health to all!

Happy Pawlidays!!!!
CoCo Puff

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day with Mama!

Spending the day with Mama is quite relaxing. I just lounge around while she does house chores!
She is super nice and shares her breakfast with me! Today she had Kix cereal.Of course my Mama always makes me work for my food!Then I do a great job in giving her things to do. "Mama, will you pick up my chewy bone for me?"I would give her the cute puppy dog eyes and it works every time!Thanks for picking up my bone for me!
Happy Birthday to my Mama!

CoCo Puff

Friday, November 26, 2010

International Treats!

Happy Thanksgiving to every human and every pup! I hope that everyone was able to eat a bundle!

Susie, my roommate received a care package from Korea. Look what we found inside!!!!
Dried Anchovies, Chicken wrapped rawhide bones, milkbones, and cheese rolls!They were not any typical kind of treats, they were a bunch of International Treats. A lot of which we've never had, nor can ever find here in the U.S. This here has been all of our favorite....Dried Anchovies, made especially for dogs!
It is so stinky that it makes us drool from the sound of the crackling bag it comes in! Look closely, you can see the bones still in them!
There was also this really cool Meaty Cheese Roll treat. We definitely don't have that here!
My eyes definitely light up when given an Anchovy treat!
Please stop taking my picture so I can go chow down on this treat....bones and all!
CoCo Puff

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sundays in the Fall

Sunday at Mama's house is a relaxing experience. The house has great lighting and the couch is quite comfy too.I'll usually hang out on the couch, relaxing and minding my own business, until Daddy busts out the football food.

Human food always gets my attention, and I'll sit up on high alert.

This is what captured my's quite smelly for it to be human food!
I give Daddy the stare down...until he finally notices. On Sundays, he's usually too busy looking at the television, watching teams go against each other with this egg shaped ball.
Here I am with my "focused face."
The stare down always work....prize achieved! One point to CoCo Puff to zero points to Daddy!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Howl-o-Ween 2010!!!

Happy Howl-o-Ween to every pup and every human! Usually it is a holiday that is joyous for all, but I especially dislike it because I have to be the cutie-pa-tootie in a costume! Yuck!

This year, Mama thought that I would be super cute dressed up according to my nickname. Often times, Mama calls me Pumpkin Pie, even though my real name is CoCo Puff. Do catch her trend going for me....seems to be all food names?!?!??

So here I am....I'm Mama's Pumpkin Pie for Howl-o-Ween!
The pumpkin top was especially annoying. I was ready to toss it off to the dumps in this pic!
Although, I would have to say that I do look pretty flattering in the color orange! Its nice and appropriate for Howl-o-ween against my black fur.
Okay, what kind of treats am I going to get for doing the awesome trick of wearing this pumpkin for all your humor? Trick-or-Treat! I would like a bone please!!!!
I hope every pup and human have a very safe and happy Howl-o-Ween!

CoCo Puff aka Pumpkin Pie

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Update on the Stinky Ear!

Sorry for not having a picture of me this post. My pawrents have been a little too busy. They went to a place like this:
Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to go. They felt super guilty leaving me at a friend's house, but especially guilty since I haven't fully recovered from my "ear infection."

We have been dealing with the gunk in my one ear, which then turned into both ears for the last 1 1/2 months. So today, Daddy took me to Dr. Love again. Turns out, it is allergies that are causing my irritations and not an ear infection.....barkkidy bark, bark! So I had my ears cleaned and was given a new treatment....hopefully this will clear it all up! Paws crossed! The good news is, I've lost one whole pound since our last visit! Mama is so proud of me...Daddy wasn't too impressed; he said I need to lose another pound...errrrgh!

I hope all are doing well!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Stinky Ear!

I found a sun spot in Mama's bedroom, and decided that sunbathing in the morning, indoors, is the best way of capturing my daily dose of Vitamin D!

As far as the Stinky Ear goes....its another ear infection. This time its the opposite ear than the first one I had 3 years ago. They say that once you get an ear infection, you are prone to getting them, so watch out Puggles, we are prone to them due to our floppy ears. ***Always make sure your Moms and Dads dry your ears really well after a bath. Thank goodness Daddy checked my ears and discovered the icky-ness before it got really bad. I was a good girl this time and didn't scratch as much to let the parents know I was in ear trouble.

So, after the Vet visit today, I'm on ear treatment and antibiotic ointments for 10 whole days. The worst part of this whole ordeal was that my weigh-in at the Vet came out at 22.3 lbs. The Vet told Daddy that she couldn't feel my ribs....=( Which now means...reduce food again and DIET, here I come.

CoCo Puff

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Got Mail!!!


It was such a pleasant surprise to receive mail from my buddy Preston the Puggle. I was so excited, I couldn't wait to open it. I sniffed it out and knew there was something yummy!

I received an awesome Bison Treat, a new Ice Cream Cone stuffie and an paw-to-graph picture of my famous pal Preston. The treats are super delicious and super crispy. Even my picky roommate Susie couldn't resist. She pays close attention when a Bison chip is given out. I am nice, and I share....reluctantly, of course. Susie is so jealous that Preston is my friend!

THANK YOU Preston & Preston's Mommy for a nice surprise. I'm so happy we are friends! I love my new stuffie! Mama is trying to get me to understand that it is called an "ice cream cone." I'm not as brilliant as Preston, and cannot catch on that I can use that to tell Mama and Daddy that I want ice cream too.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Unfamiliar Territory!

I'm in unfamiliar territory!!!! I feel lost and out of place. This new place is called "Mama's House."As you all may know, I live with my Daddy and Uncle Gary. That is in far South Austin. My Mama just bought her first home and it is way the heck up in Northwest Austin. It is an approximate 30 miles away from where I live! So needless to say, I felt lost. I kept a close eye on Daddy everywhere he went.

Mama had just bought a new couch that has not been doggy proofed yet, so she laid a flat sheet over it for me to get comfortable.
I followed Daddy everywhere he went.
I didn't venture around by myself too much.
The tile was nice and cool. Mama had just finished mopping before I arrived to visit.
At one point, I cried when I couldn't find Daddy. He was in the bathroom, and I cried at the door. "Hurry up from in there!"
I have a new yard to sniff at. Its quite big! The grass was kind of crunchy due to this excessive Texas heat!
At the end of the tour, I found refuge in my kennel. Thank goodness for something familiar.

Overall, I have a lot to get used to. I like Mama's new house, I just wish she was closer to where I live now. The benefit out of her living so far away is that I get to go on a long car ride to visit her!

Until next time...


Thursday, July 15, 2010


HAPPY BIRTHDAY COCO PUFF!!!! Today is my 4th birthday! Look what I received to celebrate the big day!Like years past, my parents ordered me a doggy birthday cookie from Groovy Dog Bakery! This year, my Mama was too busy to make the trip to the bakery, so she sent my Daddy....he ordered me the biggest birthday cookie they made. Look!Then I had to do the honor of posing as Birthday Pup. I was sooooo happy!My favorite birthday toy was my strawberry!And then of course....the best part is eating the cookie....YUM! Happy Birthday CoCo Puff!

CoCo Puff!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lazy Sundays calls for a Greenie!!!

Sundays are lazy days. In the heat of Summer, there is not much to do but lounge around in the cool air conditioned indoors. That is when a snack is called for.My snack of choice...GREENIES...

After a good snack...its back to napping! LIFE IS GOOD!

CoCo Puff