Sunday, July 15, 2012


Today is my 6th Birthday!!! So I got to go on a ride to go pick out my Birthday Treats!

Had the back seat all to myself!

Mama had me try on a party hat!  I was not amused!

Then when we got was a Barkday Party for me!  

I got my own Barkday Cookie!  A variety of treats and homemade Chicken Jerky my Mama made!

 Look at all the TREATS I got.  Homemade Chicken...YUM, yum!!!
 I got to taste everything.  The Sweet Potato Chews were delish!
 I took off running with my entire Barkday Cookie!
I'm eating the whole thing and no one is stopping me!  IT'S MY BIRTHDAY AND I'LL INDULGE IF I WANT TO!
 Now I'm full!
I had the most fabulous Birthday/ Barkday!

I am one lucky pup!
CoCo Puff