Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Birthday CoCo!!!!

Happy Birthday to CoCo Puff!!!! Its my Birthday! Its my Birthday! Its my Birthday!Every year, my Mama and Daddy tries to make my Birthday as special as possible! I always feel the love! Look at all the goodies I received: Dingo sticks, chicken jerky, squeaky toys, and a cake!
This year I turned 5! Mama can hardly believe it! Can you see the gray hair on my chin? It breaks my Mama's heart!
My Birthday Pup Cake is a Cinnamon Carob Cookie/Cake from our local Groovy Dog Bakery. My name is written in Yogurt Icing....YUM!

Yummy! Happy Birthday to me!Here I am posing with my squeaky Cupcake stuffie.I liked the candle part best!
Then I rolled on it several times to make sure that I marked it as MINE!!!
I also received a Peanut's Snoopy stuffie....I also rolled on Snoopy to identify it as my toy!
More rolling......
Okay....enough photos already Mama! I'm screaming for mercy!
Happy Birthday to CoCo Puff!!!!