Monday, March 24, 2008

After going to the Park

Here is the worst part about going to the Dog Park.....the aftermath BATH.
Mama insist that I get washed to make sure that I do not track in dirty germs. It makes no sense to me, but those humans are so difficult! I usually try to get extra smelly in collecting all the different scents from the park. I cannot even keep it for more that 15 minutes after we've gotten home before I have to wash it all off.
After the wash, Mama would hug and kiss me because she says I smell extra good, but I frankly think the stuff she puts on me stinks!


CoCo Puff


Lorenza said...

Hi, Coco!
I love baths! I even demand them! Once, I wake my mom up at 3 am because I was crying in front of the shower door!
Kisses and hugs

Clover said...

Hi Coco!
It's so nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was reading back in your blog, and OMD - we have SO much in common!! My tail goes straight when I am relaxing or sleeping, I am a daddy's girl, I love eating, my mom always tries to kiss me and snuggle me - then I run away (unless I am sleepy, I hate to wear clothes & stand very still if I have a sweater or hat on... We are like twins!
Love Clover xo

Ferndoggle said...

Oh no!! Not a bath!! I'm not sure the park would be worth it.

I'll bet you smell good now.


Preston said...

Hi! CoCo, I have to get a bath after going to the dog park too. I love dog parks, hate bath time, love towl time (it is a game that mommy and I play after each bath), hate blow-dry but love the treats that follow.
You look so sad but cute after the bath. :)

Chef said...

Hi Coco. I sniffed out your blog and I think you are super adorable. You kind of look like I did when I was a baby only cuter! I don't like the bath one bit and have taught myself how to escape... heheh. My soaking wet mommy has to chase me all around the house, tackle me and heave me back into the tub. It's so much fun (for me)!!

So sniff over to my blog anytime and we can be pals.

Slobbery Boxer kisses from Chef

Kay said...

I think your mom is right, hehe!

Sparky said...

Hi Coco! Thanks for dropping by my blog! I'm glad you liked my post about paths.

I see you just had a bath too! Man, aren't baths just so depressing?

I'd love to be pals, I'll add you to my blog roll soon!


Sparky said...

Oh sorry, I forgot to sign in. That was me ^^.



Hi Coco,

Just stopping by to let ya know that we have a new look to our bloggie. Come on by & tell the Mommy what ya think about ot.

Love ya Mona

Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

oh CoCo we so understand furst thing mommy wants our fun doggie park smells gone yeah she calls them germs to sheesh

you a good doggie though during bath time

Love Licks & waggin TX tails barkingloud