Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cool-It Bandana!

IT IS HOT!!!! My Mama finally took the advice from Preston the Puggle's Mommy and bought me an "Outward Hound Cool-it" bandana. Lets just say it really works!They come in colors for both boys and girls. Mama got me the pink one since it looks better on my black fur coat.
Now that I got my Summer gear in paw, I hope to get to go on more walkies during this sultry Texas heat. If I'm really lucky, the Park might be a possibility too!The Cool-it Bandana even works great in keeping me comfortable while indoors! For a pup that do not like to wear anything in the Clothes category...I actually like this one and not mind it at all. I would have to give it two paws UP!

CoCo Puff


Mr. Puggle said...

stay cool coco!

Abby said...

Hi, CoCo...

That thing is great...

I wish I had one today...My Mom had to put me inside for a little while during our BBQ cuz she said I was getting too hot...

Abby xxxooo

Lorenza said...

Hi, CoCo!
Yes, it is cool!
Looks like the perfect thing for these hot weather!
Kisses and hugs

Simba and Jazzi said...

We are back! We have missed all our DWB friends.

Simba and Jazzi xx

Maggie and Mitch said...

My birthday is coming up and I HATE being hot! Thanks for the tip, Coco!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Bruschi said...

Oh Coco! is that thing comfortable? It looks like a neck brace! BOL! I bet it sure helps beat that Texas heat though.....hmmm....I wonder if I should try one to help me out here in the sunshine state!

Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

Bijou said...

Hi CoCo,

The pink look fabulous on you! I hope it keeps you nice and cool too.

Wags & wiggles,

Ariel said...

I love it. Maybe if human Granny got me one I would not have had to stay in the air conditioning all day~
Happy belated 4th of July.
Licks and Wags, Ariel <3

happy said...

You look so pretty in pink! Stay cool now!

Pedro said...


Hahaha! My mom wore a cooling collar like that on her hike down into Havasu Canyon last month! She said they really help.


Preston the Puggle said...

ha, Coco, you look very cute with your pink cool-it. Mommy just recently found out that we were supposed to soak the bandana in the water first. (she found it out when washing it) No wonder I didn't feel it was working before. Do you feel it is a bit heavy to wear around the neck?


C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

Oh CoCo - how are you so cute?! I am glad you took Preston's recommendation. It makes me happy that you are staying cool and looking really cute at the same time!