Monday, December 14, 2009

Full Day!

On Sunday, I was kept busy from the time I woke up until it was time for bed! I haven't had a full day like that in a long, long while. I got to go to brunch with Mama and Daddy and afterwards I was taken to the dog park at Auditorium Shores. There were especially a lot of dogs out because it was the first pretty day in over 2 weeks. As you can see, we do not get many fall foliage. That one tree behind me is as good as it gets as far as fall leaves.After we got home,...of course I was given my usual bath after the park. I was scrubbed down and sprayed with some doggy pawfume. Mama said that I had to smell pretty because we were all invited to a Christmas Pawty and I had to be presentable.

Mama had anticipated that I would get along with the party host's dog...a pure Maltese named Nigel. To her dismay...Nigel didn't much like me. He barked at me from the time I entered his house until we left. At first, I was being a very good girl and ignored all his barking...after a continuous 10 minute of his fretting, I finally raised my lips at him. Mama was so surprised that I would yell back because I normally am very easy going and laid back. Daddy was very proud of me because I stuck up for myself. We didn't get into a brawl or anything, but I showed him that I was a brave pup.

All the humans at the party absolutely loved me. They all said I smelled great because of the bath and pawfume...I guess Mama knows what she is doing.

Here is a picture of me and Nigel. It was a miracle to be able to capture this picture because he sure did bark at me every chance he got. Nigel was sitting in his Mom's lap and I was just being courteous.


Mr. Puggle said...

so cute!

Sparky said...


Oh, I really like that picture of you and Nigel! My humans are looking after a little dog named Lola, who looks just like Nigel... She just came yesterday, and she hasn't stopped barking and chasing me yet. So I know how you feel!

I hope you have a GRRRReat week ahead!


Anonymous said...

Hi COCO my name is Keiko (key-ko) Im a puggle too and Ive been reading your blog and I would love to be friends!! my blog is I hope to hear from you soon!!!

Lorenza said...

Sure you had a pawesome day!
Kisses and hugs

Anonymous said...

Thank you soo much for the comment COCO I really hope you can follow my blog I would really like for us to be friends!!