Monday, March 28, 2011

Allergy Meds for Me!

Today, my Mama came by my house and gave me a surprise visit. She doesn't normally visit on Mondays! Then she told me we are going for a ride! Here I am, riding shotgun in Mama's car!
I thought, "well geez...its about time lady, you haven't taken me anywhere in forever!" I was so excited to be going for a ride...."where are we going Mama? Are we going to the Doggy Park?" It sure did look and seem like we were going to the park....I saw a pup walking with their human!But instead, look where we ended Love Pet Vet! YUCK!
Why are we at the Vet's you might ask...well, its because it is Spring and I've developed a serious Allergy with Live Oak pollen, and I've been itchy and scratchy for the last week. I've been licking, scratching, biting, gnawing, rolling and anything else that may relieve the itch around the clock. I've been keeping Daddy up at night because I've been too busy relieving my discomfort. As you all may recall, the same thing happened to me last year! Spring is here and I'm itchy and scratchy! So finally Mama insisted I get looked at! Here I am waiting for the Vet Tech!
First, came the weigh in. I don't usually like this part. In the past it had always meant that a diet would follow!

But lucky for me, this time I weighed in at 21.6 lbs. That is 0.2 lbs less than last November! Hurray for CoCo diet for me!!!!
This is what I looked like when the actual Vet came in. I know she meant business. I don't know if hiding under the chair will help disguise me...hopefully she won't see me!
As usual, Dr. Davenport is not so bad. She actually is a total cuddle bug and always gives me lots of hugs and kisses. She makes sure I'm calm and comfortable before she looks me over!
It turned out, I was given an Allergy Shot to help relieve the itchiness and was prescribed 1/4 of a Zyrtec for future irritations. Yes...the human kind. We learned today that it is okay to give pups Zyrtec and Benadryl. It is 1/2 Zyrtec or 3/4 teaspoon of Benadryl for every 20lbs of dog. So to temporarily relieve allergies, I will be taking the same meds as my Daddy!

The Allergy Shot was a form of steroid shot. The side effects are: increase thirst, which leads to increased appetite, which leads to increase peeing and pooing! Excessive allergy shots can lead to muscular damage and liver problems, so a homeopathic method is recommended for pups that are highly allergic year round. Hopefully I'll not need anymore than this one shot!

Also, since I was excessively going after my tail, my Vet suggested that that was a sign that I needed my Anal Glands needless to say, that was taken care of too. All in all, it was not a fun car ride, but I've gotten relief! Thanks Mama!

When we got back home, Mama gave me a whole cookie for being so good! I ate the whole thing! Yum!
Happy Spring Everyone....hopefully no more itchy and scratchiness!

CoCo Puff


RisibleGirl said...
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Einstein the Puggle said...

Oops! Mom posted under the wrong account!

CoCo, you are such a cute little puppy! I want to be your boyfriend!

I have allergies too. Mom wipes my eyes about a million times a day because I always look like I'm crying!

Mom breaks out the benedryl (OK'd by my puppy doctor) when it gets too bad. It makes me sleepy though and that makes Mom sad because I don't feel like playing.

I weigh almost 32 lbs and I'm not even fat! My vet says that I'm the biggest puggle she's ever seen!

Lorenza said...

Hi, CoCo!
Those car rides are not funny, right?
I hope you get better soon!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Oliver Tate said...

Oh no coco allergies are the worst. i get them more than jack does. mommy gives me benadryl. does it make you sleepy? it doesnt make me even the slightest bit sleepy. mommy says it makes her exhuasted. hope your shot helps!

oliver and jack

C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

Hi CoCo!
Oh dear, that was kind of a sucky car ride. But so good that you got some relief. I have lots of horrible allergies too (outdoor ones like GRASS, different trees and weeds) and also some indoor ones and food ones. :(
Anyway, I hope the shot helps you. I usually have to take a small amount of a steroid pill during allergy season. We hate the idea of the future side-effects, but it seems to be the only thing that works, and it's unbearable without treatment!

Amber-Mae said...

Oh you poor thing! I hope you feel better soon, Coco.

Bruschi said...

Oh my poor furiend CoCo Puff! You look so scared under that chair!! Paws crossed that the allergy shot will work for you! I know how much trouble you have every year with your allergies!
And Congrats for keeping the weight off!! The visit to the vet was worth it after all!

Hugs and Licks, Bruschi and Ebby

Puggle Preston said...

Hi Coco

Have your allergies gotten better since your vet visit?
I am starting to get itchy and scratchy too, especially in the morning. I had that last year when we arrived in Houston but went away when the weather got a bit cooler. Mom is surprised how early it has started. If this is going to last until the end of Oct, it is not a good news for me! Our vet said benedryl too..but mommy didn't want me to get drowsy. She is now trying to teach me "no scratching!" (oh so mean, how could you not scratch when it is itchy!) because she said she didn't see me ithcy when I was eyeing her breakfast muffins. Obviously, distractions help.
tnanks for sharing the info. Good luck to both of us!